Gold Leafing

The Gold Leafing technique has a varying range of applications, both outdoors gilding and indoors leafing. Range from cladding in Religious Monuments, Ornamentation in Architectural Structures, Gilding on Domes, Real Gold Leafing on Kalashes, Gold Leafing on Statues and Sculptures, Shops And Boutique Boards.

Silver Leafing

Indoors is has found applications on Gold Leafing on Furniture, Gold Leafing on Walls, Gold Leafing on Ceilings, Gold Leafing on Artifacts, Gold Leaf Paintings different surface ranging from Gypsum Panels, Gold Leafing on Marble Stones, Gilding on Fibre, Metal Leafing, Gold Leafing on Wood and Glass.

Copper Leafing

The tradition began a long time ago. Popular for its lasting effect, the rare Indian art of Gold leafing and Silver Leafing, also known as Gilding, has found its place of Pride at places of monumental beauty: The Samodh Palace Jaipur, The Golden Temple Amritsar and The Mysore Palace.

The exuberance of (Gilding) gold leafing is impression ed everywhere. Be it lavish Palaces, Plush Houses, Exotic Furnishing or religious abodes. It’s the ultimate expression of affluence and purity. And we at The Gold Leafing Studio named as TGLS/ Shehzad are the ultimate perfectionists of the art. Carrying a rich 200 years legacy of our forefathers who crafted the Art of Gilding (Gold leafing) for many Maharajahs and Aristocrats, Our services are availed by the who’s who of Film and Corporate world. So Experience the Glory of Luxury Real Gold leafing… experience the ultimate with us.

Projects: Gold leafing for 5 Star Hotels, Gold leafing for Restaurants, Gilding for Bungalows, Gold leafing for Corporate Offices, Gold leafing for Palaces, Gold leafing for Malls, Gold leafing for Malls, Gold leafing for Jewellery Showrooms, Gold leafing for Religious Monuments.

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Services Offered: Real 24 Carat Gold leafing, Gold Leafing, Silver Leafing, Champagne Leafing, Bronze Leafing, Antique Leafing, Gun Metal Leafing, Leafing Services, Architectural Gilding, Pure Gold leafing, Copper Leafing, Gold leafing on Antique Furniture and many many more.

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